Manufactured by Capricorn

Crafting dream kitchens for over 40 years...

All our kitchen cabinets are produced in our factory in Sandhill’s, Liverpool using modern machining methods combined with the expertise of a skilled knowledgeable workforce. The factory is conveniently situated next to our Showroom and Head office, allowing customers to make one productive visit.

All cabinets are available as rigid units, reducing installation time on site and ensuring the highest quality of finish. Bespoke and taller units can be supplied as flat pack for easier handling into the workplace. Quality is assured whether rigid or flat pack furniture is specified.

Quality and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our business and Capricorn source and utilise only the best available components from the supply chain and use skilled fabricators to assemble all cabinets.
Unlike many kitchen manufacturers who concentrate on standard units and mass production, Capricorn manufacture a comprehensive range of cabinets to allow your design brief to be created, rather than compromised by using stock sizes.

Purchasing a kitchen requires your investment and Capricorn appreciates your choice to invest in them. To protect your investment, Capricorn check every cabinet prior to dispatch and again when the installation is complete. Our standards are your standards.

Capricorn have the flexibility to deliver individual kitchens on dedicated vehicles or bulk orders on dedicated hauliers to suit the project requirements.

Capricorn manufacture their own unique kitchen range called No Name. This range has evolved to accommodate changes in lifestyle, aspiration and affordability.

Capricorn are confident that we can build your perfect kitchen.